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Video surveillance is the perfect security solution for hotels, motels, resorts and other types of paid lodging. With the demand for hotel rooms and space constantly increasing,

the security of guests, hotel property and employees has become more important than ever. A carefully considered system of security cameras can help secure your hotel or resort and give your guests the peace of mind they deserve.

I Intelligence, a leading solution provider for CCTV cameras in India, is focusing on the hospitality industry.

Hotels, especially, is its main target. police officials remark that hotels see different type of customers and in large numbers. It is difficult to trace anti-social elements amongst them. Having security surveillance equipment’s installed in such places will help monitor their actions. Many hotel owners feel the need to install this device.

Recent terrorist attack on the Taj hotel Mumbai, firing on foreigners near the Jama Masjid Delhi, and other such incidents has set them on high alert. Authorities recommend installation of CCTV cameras in Indian hotels. Authority officials claim that this step will prevent major anti-social assaults. The instrument helps in maintaining a watch in the activities going on at the premises.

The company has been dealing in this equipment since a long time. we supply the product all over India. In I Intelligence we claim that we are a complete solution provider. we not just sells, we also looks after its installation, repair, and maintenance.

How Hotel Video Surveillance can be Beneficial

♦ Security – Video surveillance can help keep your guests safe from theft and other criminals by helping you track your visitors and prevent break-ins on your property.

Prevent theft – Security cameras can help keep intruders out of exclusive hotel areas like swimming pools and gyms, where theft is common. A surveillance system in your store room and other maintenance areas can uncover potential employee theft.

Remain competitive – Along with providing security, a professional video surveillance system gives your guests peace of mind while staying at your hotel, and can help you increase your return business and remain competitive in an aggressive market.

Flexible – Modern security cameras are easy to install and can be adjusted at anytime to fit your needs. Unlike analog CCTV cameras, wireless IP cameras don't require technicians, power tools, or miles of wiring. All you do is mount the cameras and start recording.

Remote monitoring – Adding an NVR (Network Video Recorder) to your security camera system gives you the ability to broadcast your surveillance footage over the internet. This breakthrough in surveillance technology allows you to monitor any of your cameras at any time from any internet connection, giving you instant security updates.

Potential Risks of Motel Security Cameras

Privacy – Protect the privacy of your guests and employees by keeping your surveillance cameras in public places like lobbies, restaurants, pool and spa areas, and meeting areas, and out of guest rooms and break rooms.

Damage – Cameras, especially when they are outdoors, can be damaged by storms or falling objects. While this kind of damage is rare, it's important to keep a secondary security system in place to protect your guests and property should they occur.

Outages – Power disruptions or surges can cause interruptions in recording or damage to your system.

Questions to Ask When Configuring Lodging Security Cameras

Your hotel or resort's specific security needs depend on many factors. Consider each of the following when you are purchasing and configuring your surveillance system:
Where do you experience the most thefts?
Have you ever wished that you caught something on camera?
How do you currently manage security at your hotel?
Do you feel like your surrounding area contributes to your overall security?
How would you describe your average guest?
◊ Business travelers
Leisure travelers
How is your hotel or resort laid out?
Single building housing guest rooms, amenities like pool and spa, and facilities.
Several buildings spread out over a large property
Have you ever had issues with employee theft?

Setup advice for Inn, Bed and Breakfast and Resort CCTV Systems

Place cameras in near entrances and exits so you get a clear picture of each guest or visitor.
Cameras in open areas like lobbies, pools and meeting rooms can help prevent petty theft.
For valuable items like safes and artwork, fixed cameras near the object can help prevent theft.
Cameras placed around your hotel's perimeter can help secure your building and facilities in dangerous neighborhoods.