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Manufacturing plants and offices

Manufacturing facilities, plants and factories are finding security benefits and safety benefits from the implementation of video surveillance and access control systems.

External theft of raw materials from plants and facilities remains high however, internal theft as well as the safety and security of those on the inside is typically as much if not more of a concern than external theft issues. Many companies have long employed security personnel to try and thwart these threats but have discovered that the needs for security far exceed what the budget will allow in human security personnel.

Economically speaking, companies have found that they can put video surveillance cameras monitoring and recording activity simultaneously from 25 or 30 places through out a facility, for less than it would cost to employ one security guard or individual to watch at best, one area of the facility at a time. Utilization of video surveillance and access control to improve the security of the property, inventory, materials, tools and equipment while improving the safety of the employees, helps businesses compete in a competitive marketplace.

Benefits of Video Surveillance in Factories

Prevention – We believe that your time and money are far better spent preventing losses pro-actively, rather than pursuing recovery or prosecution reactively. The facts are that Video Surveillance Systems deter theft and improve safety when the employees, vendors and visitors are aware of their use. Predominately located monitors and signage to notify employees and others serve as a reminder and strong measure of prevention.

Quality Control – Video surveillance has been used for many years in plants and production facilities such as on the assembly lines of automobile and electronics manufacturing. High resolution images and megapixel cameras are making close scrutiny and quality control through video surveillance easier than ever before. Quick efficient visual identification of a flaw or problem using video surveillance could save lakhs of rupees in lost time and production costs.

Remote Monitoring – Today’s video surveillance systems are typically accessed and managed across the network. This can be a local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN) meaning that the video whether live or recorded, can be viewed or reviewed remotely. This can be done from anywhere in the plant, over a VPN from another location or by connecting via the Internet. Secured by a user name and password, only those authorized would be able to access the information. For companies who have multiple locations, this could be extremely useful and save a lot of time as compared to traveling from location to location.

Workplace Safety – Safety is a #1 priority among most plants and manufacturing facilities. Safety procedures and measures are typically in place and implemented in an effort to prevent accidents and injuries. When workers do not follow or adhere to those safety measures, accidents can happen and the resulting damages and/or increases in worker compensation premiums can be enormous. Using video surveillance cameras to monitor employee behavior and ensure that safety policies and procedures are followed, can help protect both the employees and the employer from avoidable losses.

Office Buildings

In recent years, additional security measures have become the norm for all commercial buildings and facilities and are no longer strictly the domain of high-end complexes. Clients are utilizing surveillance camera technology to reinforce security measures in order to safeguard the life, safety and wellbeing of all building occupants or residents. The constant flow of people entering and exiting commercial buildings makes it difficult to keep tabs on what’s going on.

Efficient security measures are critical for smooth business operations and improving building safety. Proper surveillance acts as a deterrent by minimizing the opportunity for unlawful acts. Surveillance also provides an irrefutable record that answers many questions if a theft or break-in occurs. A video surveillance system is the unblinking eyes that will keep tabs on what’s going on. Video surveillance can streamline security that will save businesses money.

Benefits of Video Surveillance in Office Buildings

Critical area monitoring – Surveillance cameras are used by building security personnel to monitor lobby entrance, loading docks, fire exits and parking lot activity.

Cameras with Access Control – Surveillance cameras integrated with access control provide superior control against unauthorized entry. The system allows assignment of different levels of access on a multi-door, multi-level building. It also records employee attendance and provides basic access control. Controlling who has access to the building space is critical to protecting it.

Remote monitoring – Advances in digital technology have made it possible to view live or recorded surveillance footage remotely from any internet browser, or in some cases, a PDA. This breakthrough allows commercial facilities to stay protected 24 hours a day.

Perimeter coverage – Our system provides blanket coverage of the external perimeters of the facilities as well as any sensitive internal areas using cctv and Perimeter intrusion alarm system.

Our technology – Our technology provides a huge efficiency for organizations. The level of security for any operation increases dramatically, while the manpower costs associated with traditional security staffing arrangements are significantly reduced.